Ratio io6

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  • Easy installation
  • Fully protected
  • Single and three phase up to 32A
  • Options for coiled, tethered or
    untethered connections
  • Ratio app for domestic use
  • Optional sensorbox available for PV
    integration and dynamic load management
  • PEN fault on single phase devices
  • Power sharing of up to 4 devices on a
    single mains feed
  • Fully compliant with The Electric Vehicles
    (Smart Charging Points) Regulations 2021
    Over the air updates
  • Fully maintainable and serviceable
    Single and twin mounting columns
    available to special order
  • OCPP 1.6 compliant
  • OCPP enables connection to any
    3rd party back office
  • OZEV grant approved
  • Ethernet port, WiFi or 4G connectivity
    to provide optional back office control
  • RFID access

Require the expertise of our specialised team to handle your charger installation? Opt for our hassle-free installation service. By selecting installation, a dedicated member of our Electric Vehicle (EV) team will promptly reach out to you to coordinate a site survey and set an installation date. For further details, kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

Surge Protection Devices divert the excess power from a power surge into the earth instead of it reaching your electrical appliances, offering an additional layer of protection and safety. The 18th Edition Amendment 2 of the Wiring Regulations mandates Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for new electrical circuits however you can choose to opt out of SPDs during your EV charger installation.



Dimensions and Specifications
Charging system IEC 61851 Mode 3
Power input Single phase or 3 phase, 230-400V AC, 16A and 32A
Power output 3,7kW, 7,4kW, 11kW, 22kW
Protections 6mA DC leakage, o-pen on single phase versions
Housing PC/ABS-V0
Dimensions 400mm x 250mm x 105mm
Weight 4kg
Enclosure rating IP54
Operating temperature -25 C to +40 C
Marking UKCA

Load Management
and Solar Compatibility

The io6 is available with additional hardware (the io5
Sense) which enables dynamic load management and
solar compatibility. Dynamic load management monitors
the building supply and usage, calculating the power
available and reporting this information to the io5. In
the event of a significant increase in electrical load, the
io5 reduces its consumption to prevent overloading the
building’s supply. Once the consumption in the building
decreases, the io5 will increase the supply of electricity
to the EV

App Based Technology
The free Ratio app is used by the installer to commission
the io5 and grants the end user complete access to
monitor the charger’s performance, track charging
sessions, and identify the EVs that have utilised the
io5. Additionally, the app prevents use by unauthorised
parties and the option to configure daily charging
schedules, charging using solar power and the ability to
quickly override the timed charging sessions to instigate
a quick top up when you need it!


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