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Require the expertise of our specialised team to handle your charger installation? Opt for our hassle-free installation service. By selecting installation, a dedicated member of our Electric Vehicle (EV) team will promptly reach out to you to coordinate a site survey and set an installation date. For further details, kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

Surge Protection Devices divert the excess power from a power surge into the earth instead of it reaching your electrical appliances, offering an additional layer of protection and safety. The 18th Edition Amendment 2 of the Wiring Regulations mandates Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for new electrical circuits however you can choose to opt out of SPDs during your EV charger installation.



Optimus EV Charger (Untethered)
7.4 kW
Type 2
3 Years Warranty
Size Height: 340 mm; Width: 200 mm; Depth: 130 mm
Power 7.4 kW
Socket type Universal Type 2
Tethered cable 5 Metre or 7.5 Metre Options
Warranty 3 Years as standard with optional upgrade to 5 years
Access control Unlock charger with Smartphone app or built in RFID reader.
Smartphone app Monitor energy usage and trends. Control charger access with lock/unlock functionality. Easily start, stop, and schedule charging sessions. Utilise Solar control options. Also, you can profit from the Holiday Home/Airbnb mode and the Earn Money Mode.
Solar charging Use the smartphone app to activate solar mode on the Optimus EV Charger. It powers your EV using only excess grid electricity. Enjoy Sun-to-Wheel driving with no extra hardware required.
Charger Health Checker Your charger is your fuel, we ensure it works. Every Optimus charger is monitored every 60 seconds. You and your charger are supported 24/7.
Fuse Protection Automatically adjusts power to prevent main fuse overload during periods of high appliance usage. No extra hardware or installation costs needed.
Manual scheduling This feature allows setting the start/end times of your charging sessions. Useful for time-of-use tariffs, it enables charging when electricity is cheapest, optimising energy costs.
Tariff Controller Use the smartphone app to configure your day and night tariffs and schedule charging for times when electricity prices are lowest.
Internet connection Internet connectivity via WiFi or optional 4G*.
Over-the-air updates Software updates are automatically pushed out to ensure your charge point remains up-to-date with all the latest features.


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