Local authorities have ambitious targets for reducing emissions from road transport, and electric vehicle technology shows the greatest promise for enabling these to be met.

Local Authorities have an ever increasing need for EV chargers.

Crystal EV Charging use extensive research and knowledge on the EV market to provide the most suitable charging solution for the Police service, Ambulance service,  Fire service,  and much more.

Crystal EV Charging have the workforce nationwide to help with the increasing need or the big push towards meeting a deadline for the installation of these Chargers.

Level 2

Business and commercial charging solution

From 3.7 kW to 22 kW in Europe
7.4 kW – 32A in the US
Charges 2 simultaneously
Durable, low maintenance
Smart cable storage
Touchscreen display with NFC payment Distributes power efficiently with Load Balancing

DC Line

Fast charging solution
50 kW
Charges up to 125 km in 30 minutes, Charges 3 cars with Dynamic Load Balancing, Smart power and grid management via an optional battery storage, Easy management and invoicing of charging sessions with Robust, durable, and low maintenance, Compatible with every electric vehicle on the market,
designed to charge everywhere

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