14 Jun, 24

With only 3 weeks left of our 8 week mission to support Clean Air Day 2024 its been a heart warming journey, we take a look back over the 5 weeks that have already been completed.

Week 1 of our mission was a vegan bake off that got all the attention. The participants showcased their creativity and skills in creating delicious plant-based treats. The event was a huge success, with attendees enjoying the variety of vegan dishes on offer. It was a fun and exciting way to promote plant-based eating and encourage others to try out vegan recipes. The bake off truly highlighted the versatility and deliciousness of vegan baking.

In the second week, Angie completed a 100-mile walk for Cancer Research. It was a challenging journey throughout May, but Angie successfully reached her goal of walking 100 miles, and raising funds for the charity while gaining attention for the importance of keeping fit and a Clean Air Future For Our Children.

The Crystal team put in a great effort during the third week, participating in litter picking within the community. It was a fantastic day of community service, with lots of rubbish brought back, even a car bonnet !

The flower bombing in the fourth week was a blast! (pun intended), It was so much fun to throw flower bombs at places like service stations and car dealerships. The excitement and joy of the experience were truly exhilarating.